Wolfgang Mayer - "the art of the duo"


Sun Jul 31, 2022 to Fri Aug 5, 2022


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Wolfgang Mayer is a professor for practical school piano playing and the former vice chancellor of the University of Music Saar. He studied school music and piano at the University of Music in Karlsruhe. Besides, he studied Jazz in Boston and New York. He performs at many concerts and records numerous CDs with his trio and quartet “Wolf Mayer Dialects”. Furthermore, he works as a pianist, composer and arranger.

The art of creating songs of all kinds, pop songs, Jazz standards etc. when singing is combined with piano.

Another adequate title for this course could also have been Felix Mendelssohn’s composition “Auf Flügeln des Gesangs” (on wings of song) according to Heinrich Heine’s poem. The history of Jazz and Pop is full of wonderful interpretations of duos of well-known melodies, too.

This course is intended for singers and pianists. During our practical work we will discuss important aspects of song interpretation from the perspective of the singer, the pianist and the audience. This course will deal with problems of interaction, breathing, interpretations, arrangements, stylistics (Swing, Latin, Pop), styles of accompaniments, tempo, timing, improvisation and performance.



Jazz / Pop


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