Frequently Asked Questions (Help & Faqs)

Here you will find an overview oft he most frequently asked questions about the summer academy in Neuburg an der Donau and helpful tips for your stay in our Renaissance city in Upper Bavaria.

The Summer Academy Neuburg an der Donau is an educational institution that has been taking place regularly during the summer holidays in Bavaria since 1978. It offers one-and two-week courses with lecturers and professors from the artistic and musical field. During the academy weeks, the lecturers and participants come from Germany and abroad and attend one oft he 40 courses on average.

The academy is largely financed by the city of Neuburg and is currently run by the Neuburg Office for Culture and Tourism under the overall direction of Marieluise Kühnl and four scientific and artistic directors from the fields of classical music (Alexander Suleiman), jazz (Sven Faller) and early music (Xenia Löffler) and visual arts (Goda Plaum).

The summer academy always begins on the 1st Sunday oft he Bavarian summer holidays.

In addition to the adult courses, the summer academy also offers a selection for children and young people every year.
These courses were created primarily for children and young people by participating parents.
Thus, families can experience a creative holiday together in Neuburg.

In addition to the courses, there is also a varied accompanying program with, among other things, lecturers‘ and participants‘ concerts, lectures and a boules tournament.

How can I sign up?

You sign register online via our homepage under “Courses“. You will then receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. As soon as you have received this the registration has worked and you are bindingly registered.

How do I knew whether the registration has been received by the cultural office?

As soon as you have sent the registration using the digital registration form on the homepage, you must receive an automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail.

If this is not the case, repeat the registration process.

When will I receive the registration confirmation from the cultural office?

As soon as the course has reached ist minimum number of partivipants, you will receive a confirmation of registration with a payment request by email. You should receive confirmation of registration by the end of June at the latest if the course takes place. Please also check your e-mail spam folder regularly.

If you have not received a registration confirmation by then, please contact the cultural office on 08431 55 234.

What ist the difference between registration confirmation and automatic confirmation of receipt?

You will receive the automatic confirmation of receipt immediately after successfully submitting your registration.

You will receive the registration confirmation from the cultural office at a later date by e-mail. This registratino confirmation also contains further information such as the price and the course times.

When do I have top pay the course fee?

As soon as you receive the registration confirmation, you must pay within 14 days.

The confirmation of registration is also your invoice.

Please only pay after the cultural office has requested payment. Please do not pay in advance.

How do I get on the waiting list?

If the course is fully booked before you register and you would like to be on the waiting list, then register as normal using the “Register now“ button and you will automatically be placed on the waiting list.

As soon as the course has reached its maximum number of participants, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list.
Your subsequent automatic acknowledgment of receipt will state that you are on the waiting list.

As a participant on the waiting list, when will i know if I can take the course?

As soon as a place becomes free, we will contact you immediately. This of course depends on when and if someone cancels. This means that the commitment on our part could also be made at short notice.

What do I have to do to be able to take part in a singing course?

The number of registrations and the level oft the singing courses is very high. As a result, the lecturers want a preselection with the help of an audio sample.

As soon as you have registered, you can automatically send an audio sample (Preferably as an mp3 file, does not have tob e a jazz song) to or you can wait for an email from the cultural office asking you to request an audio sample will ask.

As soon as the singers have heard the audio sample, the cultural office will let you know whether you can take part in the course.

Can I register as an ensemble?

No, unfortunately not.
The ensemble members are welcome to register individually for the respecitve instrument and play together as an ensemble in the ensemble game (early music) in the afternoon.

Is it only possible to register fort the ensemble play in the afternoon?
No, unfortunately not.
Ensemble playing is only part of the whole course. You can only attend the course if you book the complete package.

How can I register my child for lunchtime care?

With the registration confirmation you will receive a registration form fort he lunchtime care.
You can therefore not automatically register for lunchtime care when registering.

You transfer the costs fort he lunchtime care upon request with the course fee.

Are there concerts/lectures during the summer academy?

Our extraordinary supporting program makes our summer academy something special.

The courses take place during the day, and in the evening there is a wide range of concerts, lectures and other events.

Every year we offer lecturer and participant concerts, interesting lectures from the field of fine arts and othter events such as a boules tournament.
You can find our events under the Events section.

You will receive the accompanying program in printed form on the opening day.

Will there be jazz session?

Yes, there will be jazz sessions.

Where can I find information about applying tot he Biago Marini competition?

Every year the Biago Marini competition takes place in Neuburg, for which ensembles can apply.

All information about the application and the procedure can be found under the heading Biagio Marini competition.

What is planned for graduation day?

On the final day, in addition tot he open studios with exhibitions, participant concerts, final performance of the children’s and youth area, a large final party with food and drink is also planned.

When does ticket sales start and where can I get tickets for the accompanying programme?

Ticket sales for the events begin 2 weeks before the course begins. Participants receive a reduced entrance fee.

You can get the tickets from our tourist information on 08431 55 400 or by email to . You are also welcome to buy the tickets directly from the tourist information as soon as you are in Neuburg.
Tickets are cheaper in advance than at the box office.

What is the structure of the course (music courses)?

In the music courses (early music, jazz) there are individual lessons with the respective lecturer in the mornings and in the afternoons the focus is on ensemble playing or combo work. In the classic courses there are only individual lessons.

You have between 45 – 60 minutes of private lessons per day. Before and after you have the opportunity to practice in our practice rooms.

What ist he course of the course (fine arts)?

The first day oft he course consists of setting up your workplace. In the following days, you will think about one or more projects in the group or with your lecturer, on which you can work for the week or the entire course time.

Your lecturer will be ther to support you.

What is the structure of the course (children and youth courses)?

The group assignment is on the first day oft he course. Please note that the cultural office has no influence on the group allocation.

In the further course days, previously planned projects are implemented by the lecturers with the children. For 7 or 14 days it’s all about handicrafts, hammeringt, playing, dancing and making music.

The course runs from Monay to Saturday.

During the lunch break there ist he possibility to book lunchtime supervision with food an, if the weather is nice, with a visit tot he outdoor pool.

What ist he course of the course (fine arts)?

The first day oft he course consists of setting up your workplace. In the following days, you will think about one or more projects in the group or with your lecturer, on which you can work for the week or the entire course time.

Your lecturer will be ther to support you.

Is passive participation possible?

No, unfortunately we do not offer passive participation.

Is there a combo/ensemble game and when?

Yes, the jazz and early music courses offer combo/ensemble playing every afternoon.

In the classical courses, there is usually no ensemble playing during the course.

What are the course time of my course?

The course times for music courses are from approx. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. & 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
The course times of the fine art courses are from approx. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. & 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The course times fort he children’s and youth courses are from approx. 9 a.m. to 12 p.m & 2p.m. to 4.30 p.m

When will I receive the material list?

You will receive the list of materials for your fine arts courses approx. 4 weeks in advance.

When will I receive my music literature?

You will receive these shortly in advance from your respective lecturer. But please note that not every lecturer sends the music literature in advance. Most of the teachers will discuss the music you want with you and the group on site.

The following devices are available in the adult education center so that you can also obtain sheet music on site:

  •  A printer for lecturers
  •  A copier for participant

Where does my course take place?

  • The course take place at the following locations:
  • Music courses: adult education center (Franziskanerstr. B200)
  • Piano improvisation course by Herbert Wiedemann, the children’s academy and the youth studio: Descartes Gymnasium (Frauenplatz B88)
  • Fine art courses: various historical rooms in the Upper Old Town
  • Youth theather: Stadttheater (Residenzstr. A67)
  • Drums for kids: Stadtkapelle (above the tourist information) (Ottheinrichplatz A116)

Where are the courses held?

The courses of the children and youth academy take place in the Descartes Gymnasium Neuburg (Frauenplatz B88).

Louis Villinger’s youth theater course takes place in the Stadttheater (Residenzstr. A67) and the “Drums for Kids“ course in the Stadtkapelle (Ottheinrichplatz A116).

What are the course times?

The course are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. On Saturdays, the course only runs until noon.

Is there lunchtime supervision and how do I book it?

We offer lunchtime care from Monday to Friday.

This includes a warm child-friendly lunch from the study seminar and a visit to the outdoor pool if the weather is nice. 

In the confirmation of registration, which you will receive around May, we will enclose a brief explanation. A form for booking lunchtime care will be included. You then have to transfer the course fee + the fee fort he lunchtime care together.

It is not possible to register for lunchtime supervision online.

Do participants oft he 2nd week have to attend the introduction on the 1st day oft he summer academy?

An introductory event fort he children and youth academy always takes place in the afternoon on the first Sunday of the summer academy.

There, all lecturers from the children’s and youth sector introduce themselves and talk about organizational matters. Then the group assignment fort he 1st week takes place.

The participants of the 2nd week do not have to attend the introductory date, but are of course very welcome. The group divisoin for the 2nd week takes place on the 2nd Monday during the course period.

Is it possible to announce in advance who would like tob e part of a group?

No, the Cultural Office has no influence on the grouping. Please clarify this with the lecturers on site when dividiing up the groups.

Is there a quota for participants’children?

The Children and Youth Academy was founded back then so that parents could look after their children while they were attending a course.

Unfortunately, the demand from participants for a childcare place ist very low. That’s why we don’t have an extra contingent for participants‘ children.

How much does my course cost?

The price overview can be found under the heading Prices.

What does the early bird price means?

We want to motivate you to register early for the summer academy with our early bird prices.

The early bird price appears on the registration page for your desired course. Until 31.05. you can secure the early bird price. From 01.06. prices increase by 10%.

Who gets a disount on the course fee?

Pupils and students as well as people with a severely handicapped pass receive a reduction of 50% or more.

The reduction can only be granted upon presentation of a corresponding ID.

What ist the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation conditions can be found under General – Cancellations.

Will the cancellation fee be waived if I can show a medical certificate?

Basically, the cancellation fees are not waived even after submission of a medical certificate.

What could be a possible reason for a cancellation by the cultural office?

If the course does not recht he minimum number of participants, we unfortunately have to cancel the course.

In addition, the lecturer may be ill for a short period of time. In this case, we still try to generate a replacement lecturer, but unfortunately not always with success.

How do I get information about accommodation?

Here you will find an up-to-date list of all hosts from Neuburg and the surrounding districts: Hosts in Neuburg

You are also welcome to get advice from our tourist information team by phone or email: 08431 55 400 or

Is there a fixed hotel quota and/or a discount for Summer Academy participants?

No, unfortunately we cannot offer you a hotel contingent or a discount. Due to the mainly smaller accommodations in Neuburg, it is not possible for us to block rooms fort he academy participants in advance.
However, we recommend that you always indicate participation in the summer academy when booking your room. Hoteliers often grant a small discount or offer you better cancellation protection.

When should I book my accommodation?

As soon as you have received confirmation of registration from the cultural office, your registration ist final and you can book a hotel room.

In principle, however, we recommend that participants book a hotel room as soon as possible, as these are very rare, especially in the lower price segment.
Please make sure that you cancel free of charge if the course has to be cancelled.

Who will bear the cancellation costs from the hotel if my course has to be cancelled?

If the course has to be canceled for unforeseeable reasons, the cultural office cannot accept any cancellation costs from the hotel. This means that you have to bear the cancellation costs from the hotel yourself.

How is the catering going?

Each participant ist responsible for their own meals.

There will be refrigerators and a coffee maker in the classrooms.

Neuburg offers a wide range of culinary delights: list of resturants
Many resturants offer a cheap lunch menu at noon.