Biagio Marini Competition

From the renaissance, music was always important to the rulers of the principality of Pfalz-Neuburg; again and again, they invited the most prominent musicians of their time to their court. The violin virtuoso Biagio Marini, who came from Brescia (Italy), worked for almost 30 years as musical director to the court of the counts palatine. Today, Biagio Marini is considered to be one of the first significant composers of instrumental music who had a decisive influence on Italian music of the 17th century in particular. 

The eponymous international early music competition, which has been held yearly since 1999 in Neuburg an der Donau, evokes this glorious period of musical culture. As the only permanent early music competition in Bavaria, the Biagio Marini Competition is aimed at young chamber music ensembles who are committed to historical performance practice and who play on historical instruments.

The competition itself is held as a public performance event in one of Germany's most beautiful concert halls, the Neuburg Kongregationssaal. The expert jury is composed of internationally renowned musicians and professors. In addition to the two prizes awarded by the jury of 2.500 euros (1st place) and 1.500 euros (2nd place), an audience prize of 750 euros is also awarded. The prizes are donated by the town of Neuburg an der Donau and the association of friends of the Neuburg Summer Academy. 

In a new initiative the German-speaking Viola da Gamba Society will offer a prize for the 2024 Biagio Marini Competition. This prize is for exceptional individual performance of the viola da gamba as part of a larger (mixed) ensemble or to an ensemble of violas da gamba (Consort). The prize of 500 Euro, should the jury choose to award it, is part of the Gesellschaft's commitment to supporting the development of young talent on the viola da gamba.


Conditions of participation

Maximum age:

35 years (Maximum age of the invidual ensemble members)


Transmission of an uncut video via online storage such as Dropbox, WeTransfer or YouTube video in non-public mode with 10 minutes of music. The works in this video do not have to be indentical to the program of the final round.


Renaissance to classical. A dramaturgically convincing concept of the submitted program is very much welcomed. In the finale on August 7th, the program will be presented with a short written introductory text. 

The competition entry in the final may not last longer than 15 minutes. 

A harpsichord (two-manual 415/440) is availibale fot the competition. You can bring your own keyboard instruments by arrangement. 


Chamber music instrumentation from 3 people (singers, instrumentalists and/or mixed). Participants in the summer academy can also take part in the competition.


  • 1st prize 2.500 €
  • 2nd prize 1.500 €
  • Audience prize 750 €
  • Viola da Gamba prize 500 €

Lecturer at the summer academy for old music 2024

Event date:

Wednesday, 7th August 2024, 7:00 p.m.

Closing date:

1st June 2024


Please send an e-mail with the subject "Biagio Marini-Wettbewerb"  including the following information to

  • Scan of the completed registration form
    (please click: registration form)
  • Short vita of the ensemble (max. 500 characters)
  • link to dropbox or youtube
  • Confirmation that you grant the organizers of the Biagio Marini competition the rights to use advertising material. By submitting the application and the video material, the participants agree to the publication of the contribution.

Winners of the Past Biagio-Marini-Competitions:


1. Preis Daimona Ensemble
2. Preis Barock_Plus
Publikumspreis Tra Noi




1st prize Palisander
2nd prize Ayres Extemporae
Audience prize Palisander


1st prize Basel Barock
2nd prize Brezza Ensemble
Audience prize Rýnský Trio
2020 - XXI. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st prize Protean Quartet
2nd prize Domus Artis
Audience prize Le Jonc Fleuri
2019 - XX. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st prize Marsyas Baroque
2nd prize + audience prize Ensemble infiammabile
2018 - XIX. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st prize Il Space
2nd prize + audience prize Sonoritá
2017 - XVIII. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st prize Ensemble La Guirlande
2nd prize + audience prize Ensemble Tr!jo
2016 - XVII. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st prize Il Quadro Animato
2nd prize + audience prize Nexus Baroque
2015 - XVI. Biagio-Marini-Competition
2x 1st prize Ensemble Interrogatio und Ensemble Zoom Quartet
Audience prize Cembaless
2014 - XV. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st prize Ensemble Duvinsela
2nd prize + audience prize Ensemble Tempora Felicia
2013 - XIV. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st prize 5er Ensemble
2nd prize Trio La Pighetta
Audience prize 4 Times Baroque
2012 - XIII. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st price Ensemble Mania del gioco
2nd prize Ensemble du pont neuf
Audience prize Fontana di Musica
2011 - XII. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st prize Dolce Armonia
2nd prize Ensemble Festina Lente
Audience prize Ensemble Comarte                                         
2010 - XI. Biagio-Marini-Competition
1st prize La Malaspina
2nd prize + audience prize Laboratoire de la Musique