Dear friends of the Neuburg Summer Academy,
This year’s course program includes a number of innovations for visual arts. First, there are four new teaching artists. Furthermore, our team developed new course concepts which replenish the established offer of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional areas grahic reproduction and painting, printing, sculpture and object. Hence, this year we can offer a course in the area of photography, film and video. Additionally, there are two courses for cross-media work. The aims of these courses are to bridge the typical divide between drawing, photography and sculpture and to offer cross-border working.
The aim of all courses is to address, to promote and to develop individual interests and strengths of the participants. During the courses, our lecturers will offer freedom and support for continuing existing projects, developing new ideas and approaches, and experimenting with new techniques or strategies. Therefore, all courses are open for beginners and persons who have already gained experiences in the corresponding working fields. These courses are also suitable for preparing for entrance examination at an art academy or university of art. With this in mind, we are looking forward to registrations of different age groups and different professional groups, as this unique mixture unfolds the strengths of the Summer Academy by  transmitting and dealing with arts and enthusiasm for arts. Warm regards,
Goda Plaum
Artistic director of visual arts
 “There is no freedom without mutual understanding” (Albert Camus)
The Neuburg Summer Academy sets a clear signal for intercultural communication. Particularly at the present time, mutual understanding is especially needed since the comprehension of the cultural other is a condition for taking global responsibility.
Last year’s summer academy has shown a flexibility which fulfilled this goal in a more or less traditional way despite the most difficult conditions. In a world being at its limit of losing any empathy it is even more important that arts are not restricted but that we counteract this apocalyptical phenomenon by some good networking and an open mind. I am particularly concerned to inspire the participants to take responsibility through their artistic actions. Furthermore, they should be encouraged to gain skills for interdisciplinary communication and spontaneous reaction by collaborating with participants and lecturers from other courses.
Music is a universal medium which helps to navigate worldwide. Besides, music is a universal language which addresses all ethnicities and ages in all kind of situations and times. Due to its adaptability, music is subject to constant change which is the only constant.
In the field of classic we will expand knowledge and understanding in the respective course area. And again, there will be space for interdisciplinary integration. Everything is possible and imaginable. There are no limits for ideas. With this in mind, I wish all of us enough firmness and freedom in order that the Neuburg Summer Academy with its undeniably academic ambition will also become a forum for a vivid and creative interacting.  Prof. Alexander Suleimann
Artistic director of classic
Dear friends of the Neuburg Summer Academy,
The course category Jazz/Pop will cover a range from Jazz to related music areas like Rock, Funk, Blues, Gospel, Latin, Singer-Songwriter etc. This variety will have an influence on individual instrumental coaching and ensemble work. This course will show you creative ways to approach all genres with joy of playing and expertise.
This course category is intended for all people whose passion for music is an important part of life: young musicians preparing for a professional career or studies, semi-professionals performing on stages for years with the wish to expand their horizon or amateurs not wanting to play alone at home anymore. These courses are not suitable for beginners, prior knowledge of the instrument is required.
In the morning, there will be solo and group lessons with the respective instrumental lecturer. In the afternoon, we will work together on a band program for a concert which will take place in the town theatre at the end of the week. There will be space for own compositions, collective improvisations and creative arrangements of already known materials. Warm regards,
Sven Faller
Artistic director of Jazz/Pop
Dear friends of the Summer Academy for early music,

Thanks to the tireless commitment of our team of the Neuburg cultural office and numerous volunteers and supporters, who found again a practicable and save solution in the second Corona summer,  we managed to create an extremely lively and satisfying summer academy in 2021. It was a great event with the main focus on the music of double celebrator Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) and contemporary composers. Once again, a huge thank you to all of you for your efforts to guarantee the academy’s success! For this year’s summer academy, we have again created a rich program which will focus on Georg Philipp Telemann and his “gout mélangé”. On the following pages, our wonderful team of lecturer will be introduced. On 9 August  2022, we will give a common concert in the “Kongregationssaal”. Another highlight of the early music-week will be the final of the Biagio-Marini-competition in the “Kongregationssaal” on 7 August, when young ensembles will present themselves to the jury and audience. It has become a wonderful tradition for our participants to give spontaneous open-air concerts in the evenings and we look forward to continue this tradition. And finally, we look forward to the splendid final concert on 13 August when our participants will present their results after the course week marked by intensive work. With keen anticipation to an intense week with a wide variety of meetings in summery Neuburg, I remain with cordial salutations,
Xenia Löffler
Artistic director for early music General information about all courses:
The courses are intended for professional musicians, music students, music teachers, school musicians and advanced school musicians who want to gain experiences in historically informed performing practice. In the morning, there will be individual courses in the respective classes. In the afternoon, chamber music works will be rehearsed with the lecturers in various formations. Additional information on chamber music: The pitch standard for ensemble works will be 415 Hz.
Works with other pitch standards can be discussed with the respective lecturer during the courses.
with Angela Kockers and Philipp Romacker
For several years now, in addition to the regular summer academy courses for adults, we have also been offering various courses that are specifically geared towards children and young people between 6 and 16 years of age. The aim of all of these courses is to encourage children and young people to enjoy creative expression and to facilitate entry into an exciting world of culture. For our youngest participants, we also offer the optional opportunity to have lunch together in the Neuburg study seminar and to be supervised at lunchtime in the open-air swimming pool of Stadtwerke Neuburg.