Meike Dölp - Object and transformation - cross-media working


Sun Jul 31, 2022 to Sat Aug 13, 2022


Normal: €533.00
Reduced: €363.00
1970 born in Ulm, lives and works in Berlin
1994 - 2001                                   

studies of free art and visual communication with F.W. Bernstein, N. Radermacher and Urs Lüthi in Berlin, Bremen and Kassel

Since 2002 artistic independence, studio work and exhibitions
2009 - 2011 cultural manager
Since 2014 art mediation and workshops in state museums, (art) schools and creative factories in Berlin

Everything can be art, BUT art cannot be everything. We need challenges of the real life in order to meet them artistically. Everything can be art: shopping lists, crosswords, old child’s drawings, city maps, fake eye lashes, construction plans… simply everything! It only depends on how we include the things into the artistical process and which issue we want to deal with. In this course, we use all things collected in our households and which are of no use any longer but are not to simply thrown away. This “stuff” can be reason, motive or material for pictorial working as it is analysed, changed, arranged or associated becoming meaningful. In this course, pictorial working is not limited to one technique or medium but crosses such borders so that every participant is accompanied to achieve his or her best possible realisation of his or her pictorial idea. We approach objects differently and create new connections at the same time. This course is suitable for beginners and advanced students.

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