Andreas Kotulla - Drawing - Experiments and Explorations

Sun Jul 28, 2024 to Sat Aug 10, 2024
Fine Arts
1972 born in Hildesheim
1993-1994            Studies in art and music pedagogy, University of Bremen
1994-2022 Painting studies at the University of the Arts Bremen and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen
since 2002 lives as a freelance artist in Berlin


Course description

For my artistic approach, it is essential to transfer aesthetic concepts and experiences from one medium to another. For drawing and for the course, this means, among other things, starting from the question: How does the space get into the surface ¬– and the drawing into the space?
I would like to encourage and support the participants to develop a personal approach to this issue and their own forms of expression, using as wide a range of techniques and materials as possible, from classic drawing techniques to more unconventional means.
Individual and group discussions about the experiences gained in drawing experiments should also be accompanied by occasional excursions into art history and visits to exhibitions on the subject.


Normal: €587.00
Reduced: €400.00

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Jul 28, 2024 to Aug 3, 2024
Aug 5, 2024 to Aug 10, 2024


Obere Altstadt
Descartes Gymnasium, Frauenplatz B88, 86633 Neuburg (lift available)


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