Yke Prins - sculpture and object


Sun Jul 31, 2022 to Sat Aug 6, 2022


Normal: €279.00
Reduced: €194.00
1961 born in Delft, Netherlands
1981 - 1986 diploma (sculpture) at the Royal Academy in Den Haag
1987 - 1989 diploma at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Visuel in Geneva
Since 1989 free artistic work, monumental works in sculpture gardens throughout Europe
2021 winner of the Piket award, order for a monumental bronze sculpture
Since 2019 Europe's board member of sculpture network (www.sculpture-network.org)

This course provides space for diverse, three-dimensional working with classic materials (i.e. metal, clay, paper, plaster, wood, no stone processing) and it broadens the view for other surprising materials and strategies. Every day there is an offer to take part in a little, playful practical exercise of three-dimensional thinking. Inspired by works of contemporary artists, there are little “morning exercises” which should challenge the participants to discover together new material and space. These exercises will help to develop discovering new possibilities for your own individual work and to learn from the ideas and strategies of others. The focus will lie on developing and realising individual ideas – figurative, abstract or installative. This course is suitable for persons who have already gained experience in three-dimensional designing as well as for beginners who want to gain basic knowledge.



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