Sven Faller - bass (jazz-pop)

Sun Jul 30, 2023 to Fri Aug 4, 2023
Jazz / Pop

There is hardly any other German bassist like Sven Faller who has accompanied such a stylistically wide field of artists like Larry Coryell, Pippo Pollina, Philip Catherine, Charlie Mariano, Konstantin Wecker, Georg Ringsgwandl or Arlo Guthrie. Sven Faller started his studies at the “Bruckner Conservatory” in Linz and in 1997 he completed his studies at the “Mannes College of Music” in New York. For six years, he deeply dove into New York’s music scene accompanying the salsa group from Bobby Sanabria and great jazz musicians like Chico Freeman or Bobby Watson. He worked as bass guitarist and double bass player in recording studios accompanying musicians like the Paul Simon band, Jane Monheit, the Rolling Stones Horns and members of the New York Philharmonic. Back in Germany, he has focused on his own projects, like the electro jazz trio “ELF”. He has been on concert tours in Scandinavia, France, Suisse, Italy, Rumania, Singapore, USA, Mexico and Brazil.
This course is intended for double bass players or bass guitarists, ambitious amateurs, professional bassists who reached his or her limits or classical musicians who want to dive into different worlds. Depending on talent and interests, we will develop concrete learning aims and strategies to perfectly overcome difficulties by recognizing own rhythmical, harmonic or physical weaknesses, playfully solving problems without any pressure and moving between the genres in a stylistically confident way. You will learn about the basic skills of accompanying and improve your solo play and improvisation on the bass. Horizons should be expanded stylistically; important similarities and differences of different styles of bass lines will be explained. During the ensemble play, the following skills will be trained: hearing, accompanying and improvising. 

The course is not suitable for beginners. Prior knowledge is required.



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