Stefanie Pojar - Printing - Experimental printing graphics

Sun Jul 28, 2024 to Sat Aug 10, 2024
Fine Arts
1983 Born in Plauen/Vogtland, lives and works in Leipzig
2005-2012 self-employed
2012-2017  Studied painting/graphics with Prof. Annette Schröter, HGB Leipzig
2017-2019  master student study with Prof. Annette Schröter, HGB Leipzig
2018-2021 Lecturer for Etching, Evening Academy, HGB Leipzig
2021-2023 Lecturer in the art workshops for etching/engraving, HGB Leipzig
since 2023 assistant to Prof. Jörg Ernert in the basic study of painting/graphics, HGB Leipzig
  numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad







Course description

In this course, the participants deal with the graphic implementation of image ideas. These can be figurative, narrative or abstract, playful and experimental. The starting point is sketches in the form of drawings, photographs or collages. On the basis of this, questions of composition and the handling of lines and surfaces in the emerging picture are addressed in order to find a convincing translation into cold-needle etching, linoleum cutting, woodcut or monotype. Sketches can be brought along, but they can also be created on site with the direct impressions of the surroundings. Various tools and aids are used to investigate the possibilities of the techniques. It can be planned and controlled but also open in a process-oriented manner. With the acquaintance or expansion of the already learned means in the techniques, the worked out is once again condensed, combined or broken up. The implementations thus find a new understanding of drawing, deepen previous experiences and can build a bridge to painting. Progress is regularly discussed in the round table or in individual consultations. This course is suitable for beginners as well as for those who want to expand their already acquired knowledge.
You should bring your own tools, paper and other materials.

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Jul 28, 2024 to Aug 3, 2024

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