Daniel Man - strategies of painting


Sun Jul 31, 2022 to Sat Aug 13, 2022


Normal: €533.00
Reduced: €363.00
1969 born in London, lives and works in Munich and Augsburg
2000 - 2005 studies of free art as master student with Walter Dahn at the Academy of Fine Arts in Braunschweig and with Markus Oehlen at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
2002 two-month international mural painting project “Chromopolis” of the “Olympic Ministry of Education and the Arts Greece”
2004 scholarship of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts
2011 funding by the “Erwin and Gisela von Steiner” Foundation
2017 collective foundation of “GIKAMA” with Ina Kapitola and Sebastian Giussani
2018 curator and artistic director of the interdisciplinary project “Z common ground” in Munich
Since 2004                                    exhibitions in Germany and abroad                                                                                                                                                  

Our focus lies on developing your own picture concepts. Using a holistic approach, we examine and reveal taken decisions as well as possibilities and strategies of realisation. These reflections and findings form a flexible and still stable basis on which your own pictorial work can be developed in different directions. A special focus lies on attentiveness during the artistic process which is accompanied and supported by individual and group discussions about your own working and by analysis of visual positions of other artists. Collective discussions about each individual context will lead to expressions and correspondences in colour, form and material. Necessary requirements for this course are years of experience in artistic practice and knowledge of painting techniques. A two-week booking is desirable.


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