with Angela Kockers and Philipp Romacker

Sun 7/30/23 - 8/5/23
Städtische Schule für Tanztheater Neuburg
Angela Kockers focuses on the combination of dance with cultural impulses from other categories. Since 2022, the dancer, pedagogue and choreograph has also been teacher for the “Alexander Technique”. 
What kind of an act does my body perform?
How can we improve to perceive our body, to create our movements? This question does not only arise while we are dancing but also in everyday life, while doing the job or doing sports. Is there a connection between dancing shapes and everyday moves like walking, sitting or standing? What kind of an act does my body perform – every day? How can we combine dance and life?
This course is intended for all persons who perceive their body as means of expression of themselves and who want to discover their body, beginners and advanced learners of the field movement and dance. There will be instructions for movement improvisations. Therefore, the participants will get tools to answer the previous questions. Furthermore, the personal quality of movement will be seen in a new way and your own mobility will be individually explored and improved. Our focus will lie on movement and expression with ease. A “Body Theatre” will arise out of impulses of other cultural categories, your own body, your voice and individual worlds of ideas and experiences.