Aron Herdrich - Graphic Reproducion - Experiment, Process and Idea


Sun Jul 31, 2022 to Sat Aug 13, 2022


Normal: €533.00
Reduced: €363.00
1989 born in Zevn, lives and works on Munich
2011 - 2017 studies of art education with Prof. Matthias Wähner at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, 1st state examination
2014 -  2020                                                         studies of free art with Prof. Pia Fries at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, master student, diploma                                                                                                                                 
2016 - 2019 print worker at Planparallel
Since 2013 exhibitions in Germany and abroad
Since 2021
lectureship of free art – painting and graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich

During this course, we will explore the medium of printing on a practical and theoretical level. The practical work will be complemented by individual and group discussions in order to develop and analyse your own working process trying to find your style. Besides, we focus on theoretical aspects of printing techniques and their expandability, various printing artists and other related topics. Relief printing, flat printing of offset plates and gravure printing (dry point) are available on the printing presses. Furthermore, big handmade prints, monotypes, frottages and digital printing techniques are possible (lithography / stone printing is only available under suitable climate conditions and only for participants who are familiar with the technique). During my studies with different printing techniques and their unconventional use, large format prints and lots of prints in sculptural form and conceptual background have resulted. I would like to incorporate my practical experiences and my theoretical knowledge into this course. A two-week booking is desirable.

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