Angela Kockers and Philipp Romacker- day of action for "alexander-technique"


Mon Aug 8, 2022 to Tue Aug 9, 2022

The Alexander technique is an educational program that teaches movement patterns and postures, with an aim to improve coordination and balance, reduce unnecessary tension, relieve pain, and promote well-being. Furthermore, activities like sitting, standing, standing up, or more complex movements like playing an instrument or doing sports, get more effortless. Our life can be “easier”,  filled with more pleasure and expressiveness at daily and creative activities. 
At this year’s summer academy, there is the possibility to discover or deepen the Alexander technique. 
In the introductory event on Monday, 8 August, basics of this method will be explained and illustrated with examples.  
On Tuesday, 9 August, there will be a day of action for Alexander Technique when there will be various formats: individual sessions, group sessions, discussions. More details will be given at the start of the summer academy. Preregistrations for this day will be possible at the cultural office during the summer academy.
Since 2012, Philipp Romacker has studied music with a major in classic guitar in Frankfurt am Main. Afterwards, he continued his studies with the “Master of Music” in Stuttgart. From 2018 to 2021 he successfully completed is teaching education of the Alexander technique. Philipp Romacker lives and works as musician, musical pedagogue and teacher for Alexander technique in Munich.



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