Partners & Sponsors

Förderverein Sommerakademie

Our association of friends of the Summer Academy, founded in 1994, consists of voluntary members who support the Summer Academy through altruistic activities and financial contributions. For instance, we donate the audience prize for the Biagio Marini Competition, we finance equipment and materials, we provide an extensive art library of currently 250 items and we act as "godparents", helping and advising the participants during the academy. Very appreciative feedback from participants and instructors shows that our work is worthwhile!

Perhaps you would like to join our group of sponsors? We are grateful for any help and can issue a receipt for every donation. We are also looking for more members - please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact: Andi Laukmanis (08431 6702-0),
Renate Koettgen (08431 7733), Inge Schneider (08431 8644)

The Neuburg Summer Academy is supported by


and by the association of friends of the Academy

Förderverein Sommerakademie e. V.

Our most sincere thanks go to all our sponsors and supporters!