Lecture Early Music with Jed Wentz



Jed Wentz has, in the course of a long career in Early Music, turned his hand to various tasks and has engaged with divers disciplines. He has performed on historical flutes, and conducted staged opera productions. He has worked intensively with Baroque dancers, and was declamation and acting coach to productions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s melodramaPygmalionat the Baroque theatre in Cesky Krumlov and in Moscow. He is artistic advisor to the Utrecht Early Music Festival, teaches at the Amsterdam Conservatory and is asistant professor at Leiden University's Academy of Creative and Perfoming Arts.

Just like method acting today, historical acting techniques work from the imagination, inviting the actor to feel inwardly before uttering a single word. At the same time, actirs trained their bodies to present nature improved and perfected by art. This lecture will explore various historical techniques used by actors to find affect, and which therefore can be useful to singers and instrumentalists today.


Entrance free. Places limited.


01/08/2018 6:00 pm


Town Theatre