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Marcelo Mercadante

Bandoneón/Bandoneón ensemble

The world of tango is reflected in the bandoneon playing of Marcelo Mercadante, who combines folk, jazz and flamenco with stylistic elements of tango. An exponent of the playing styles of maestros such as Astor Piazzolla and Dino Saluzzi, Marcelo Mercandante is now also considered a master of the bandoneon, but one who has found his own  path to the music.  Mercandante studied with Rodolfo Mederos, who subsequently introduced him to Néstor Marconi and Juan Mosalini, and has worked with artists such as Dani Binelli und Amelita Baltar, Joan Manuel Serrat, Julia Migénes, Miguel Poveda, Lalo Schifrin and Dorantes  He appears as a soloist with ensembles such as the Orquesta Nacional de Cámara de Andorra, the Chamber Orchestra „Arpeggione“, the  O.B.C. (National Orchestra of Barcelona and Catalonya), the Orquesta Nacional de Euskadi and the  Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia.

Course description
The course offers instruction in elementary techniques of bandoneon and tango. Arrangements for solo bandoneon as well as bandoneon and other instruments will be studied and played using compositions ranging from works by Astor Piazolla to contemporary tango.  Scores will be available from the course director.  This course is aimed at beginners as well as advanced players of the bandoneon, viola, violin, double bass, ‘cello and flute.