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Alexandra Fromm


1959 born in Munich, lives and works in Neuburg an der Donau and Munich
1990 M.A History of Art,Romance Studies, German Studies at the Albert-Ludwigs University, FreiburgDAAD-scholarship for painting and drawing, Nevers, France
1993 - 1998 ectureship for portrait at the Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg,Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.
2014/2015 1.Prize at the fountain competitions of Neuburg an der Donau and Ingolstadt

Course description
The course turn to beginner as well as to advancers. In the first week the Focus lies on the darftman’s broads conversation of the head topic, in the second week on her colored creation. By different visual exercises and form exercises you will learn the fast recording of the proportions and essential creation elements. I introduce you a mixing technology which is based on the combination of fat and watery colours and is suited particularly for spontaneouse and experimental work. Moreover, you get to know a method for the flat painting in which covering, Acrylic colours are used. They work after Modelles, partly you outline yourselves also mutually. With entrance in the second week are basic knowledge in the head drawing welcome. Please bring: Desire in the experimentation an in expressive increase.